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Press Release Distribution Service

by Kadir TUNCEL

Get Featured on

YAHOO, BLOOMBERG and Over 100 PR News Sites

Let your brand take its place on more than 100 influential news sites that receive more than 500 million visitors every month.



About This Service

Press releases; It is one of the most effective communication tools to increase your brand value, strengthen your online reputation and reach more audiences.

The presence of your brand in the online press is among the important factors that affect your level of success. Quality press releases published on major websites; it will make it easier and faster for you to reach your customers, investors and the public.

Increase Trust in Your Brand

Press releases published on sites such as Yahoo, Bloomberg, Digital Journal, Benzinga create a reliable brand perception in the eyes of your target audience. Mentioning your brand on the world’s highest quality sites gives the impression that the products or services you provide are also of high quality.

Yahoo Press Releases Example Work
Nasdaq Press Releases Example Work

Rank Higher On Search Engines

Many search engines, such as Google, consider these quality links from press release sites to be positive signals. This helps your website rank better in search engines and increase your sales.


Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Press releases increase your brand’s visibility and awareness in the media. It allows you to be more in touch with your target audience. This kind of news will make a huge contribution to your brand image and reputation.

Bloomberg Press Releases Example Work
Marketwatch Press Releases Example Work

Get Verified On Social

News published by prestigious websites is one of the signs to social media companies that your social media profiles are important and remarkable. Most of our customers; Facebook uses our press release service to receive blue ticks (verification) on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.


On Which Major Websites Will Your Press Release Be Published?

  • Yahoo
  • Bloomberg
  • Marketwatch
  • Digital Journal
  • Nasdaq
  • Street İnsider
  • Benzinga
  • Thewhig
  • And Over 100 News Sites
Press Releases Sites

How It Works?

What Clients Say?

  • My website’s visitor traffic started to rise after only 2 months. It continued to rise twice every month after that. I really did not expect to see such a miraculous result so quickly.

    Viktor Buchko - Founder of BuradanBastir
    Viktor Buchko
    Founder of BuradanBastir
  • Kadir is an SEO expert who cares about the work and works very meticulously. We have been working with him non-stop for 3 years. Our website was lacking in many areas before but after his support we achieved very successful results.

    Eyup Devran KUTLU - CEO of Cosmeticium
    Eyup Devran KUTLU
    Founder and CEO of Cosmeticium
  • I have worked with Kadir on a number of projects for more than a few years. Among many sellers of SEO, he is by far the best and most trustworthy. He offers only services that is truly good. So, I had no hesitation of trying and ordering his services again and again. I am thinking of ordering more for new projects.

    Managing Director of Japan Luggage Express
    Yasushi Shimizu
    Managing Director of Japan Luggage Express

Make Your Brand Popular

Let your brand take its place on more than 100 influential news sites that receive more than 500 million visitors every month.
  • We'll Write & Publish an Article
  • Published on PR Package Sites

  • 100+ News Publications Guaranteed
  • Full Report with Live Links
  • Published within 2-3 Days
30% Off
  • We'll Write & Publish an Article
  • Published on PR Package Sites

  • 100+ News Publications Guaranteed
  • Full Report with Live Links
  • Published within 2-3 Days
  • + Press Releases from Business Insider
  • We'll Write & Publish an Article
  • Published on PR Package Sites

  • 100+ News Publications Guaranteed
  • Full Report with Live Links
  • Published within 2-3 Days
  • + Press Releases from AP News

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from you below. If you have a question other than the following, send us a message.

Can I make single purchases from these sites?

Unfortunately no, it can only be sold as a press release package. A press release to be prepared is published on all sites.

How is Press Releases different from Guest Posting?

Press releases; It is an announcement text prepared by individuals, institutions and organizations for news media. It is delivered to members of the news media for the purpose of providing information, making official statements or making announcements.

Do the links dofollow?

  • Dofollow: Benzinga, Marketwatch, Nasdaq, TheWhig
  • Nofollow: Yahoo, Street Insider and DigitalJournal.

Bloomberg only provides text links. Other than the major sites, other local news sites provide mixed links, Dofollow and Nofollow.

My website is not in English, can I still purchase this service?

Yes, you can. It doesn’t matter if your site is in a different language, but the press release article is made in English only.

How many links can be added?

We usually include your links at the end of the post to make it a natural work. In addition, we can add links to your pages such as your contact mail, social media accounts.

Does the fee include the preparation of the manuscript?

Yes, it is included. A professional press release specific to your brand or company, away from promotional sentences, is prepared. Your approval is obtained before the broadcast.

How long will the content remain live?

Most of the news sites we work with keep articles alive indefinitely. To date, only one site has been removed from hundreds of sites. This can be due to the platforms’ own publishing policies. Under normal circumstances, no deletion process is applied to the articles.

What categories are not accepted?

  • Adult
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Loans
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Negative press
  • Dating

What information do we need to write your article?

  • Content topic (we can determine together)
  • Your website address
  • Your business e-mail address and social media accounts, if any

* We can add a quote from you, your company logo or your photo in person in an appropriate format.

Can the article be edited after publication?

Unfortunately, no! Your approval will be obtained before the publication and when you approve the article, we will distribute the article to all platforms at the same time.

Now, after the articles are distributed to the platforms, we will unfortunately not have access to the articles to make any changes. Therefore, you should make sure that you read the article carefully before publication and send it to us.

Will our article be published on all platforms?

Only Yahoo publishing is guaranteed, but all content is largely accepted by all sites. It is also guaranteed coverage on more than 100 local news platforms.

Among the major sites, there is no guarantee of broadcasting on the Bloomberg and Nasdaq platforms. On the other hand, articles can be published at least 90% of these sites.

Will each site have a different article?

No, a single article will be published on all sites. Just like when a piece of content goes viral on the internet, it will leave a strong impression and give your brand an online reputation.

How many days does the process take to complete?

Generally, in 1-3 business days, both the transactions are completed and a report is prepared and presented to you.

If some changes are requested, the manuscript is quickly processed and sent for republication. In this case, the process will be completed with a maximum delay of 1-2 days.

Does the press release service provide verification on social media?

Many people or brands need to be promoted on the best platforms in order to get verification (blue check) on social media. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will be able to prove to social media companies that you are a well-known person or a well-known brand.

To date, there have been many people or brands that have received verification with the press release package. While this service will introduce you greatly, it cannot guarantee that you will receive verification. Social media companies may request additional information from you.

During the verification process, make sure your social media profile is in active use and complete. This will increase your chances even more.

Ready To Make Your Brand Popular?

Do You Have Any More Questions?

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